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Biographer, public writer: Philippe Hardy Prioton, his words soothe

(Article published in the weekly magazine, the 7th, the  October 5, 2021)

Photo noir et blanc de L'Écrit Vainc

Philippe Hardy Prioton. 48 years old. Late public writer, settled in Neuville. Listen to the others, write down their life stories. Hers experienced sinusoids. “A lot of people with my disability are in a wheelchair. I am a survivor,” he philosophizes.

Is it the effect of confinement?

A latent malaise?

A desire for transmission?

Still, “people” feel the need to tell stories. Failing to replay the scenes of the excellent series In Therapy, they confide in public writers like Philippe Hardy Prioton. The soft-spoken, poised Neuvillois inspires confidence. “The small cinder blocks that can occur at different times in life, we sometimes tend to hide them. This halt (confinement) brought them back up. The period was conducive to introspection. “PHP” as this computer enthusiast is nicknamed has therefore already exercised his new talents as a “biographer-therapist”, with a mother whose children have been victims of touching, a cosmetic surgeon “bewitched “... Words to cure the evils, in short.

“This job called me”

The son of a teacher “in love with literature” takes pleasure in listening to others. However, he was not destined for this new career, which officially started on 02.02.2020. Superstitious, go your way. The man with the full beard and the protective cap worked for twelve years in a customer relations center. The story ended a bit abruptly. And at the crossroads of his new professional life, a positioning assessment led him to choose between two suggestions: art therapist or public writer. His heart leaned towards the second. "This job kind of called me!" Beyond the biographies, L'Ecrit vainc offers audio books -L'Ile au trésor by RL Stevenson-, is preparing to launch writing workshops, multiplies the lives on Skype to talk about his job ... In short, "PHP" is multiplying.

And he then, has he ever imagined telling himself in a book? “I wrote about fifty pages in the emergency room of the CHU, in October 2020. It is likely that I will go to the end”, he slips with a smile. Lencloître's child is a sort of miracle, or rather of a survivor. He was born with a birth defect, a herniated spinal cord. Spina bifida from its Latin name. “Most people with my disability are in wheelchairs. Me, I have the chance to walk, with a cane of course, but to walk. “Forty operations and “a lot of rehabilitation” preserved him from total disability. “Maybe that's why I feel the pain of others, I understand them. My interlocutors feel this empathy, a certain benevolence. »

"The passing of time, a bonus"

With hindsight, the last of four siblings (two brothers, one sister) believes he was “well born” in a loving family. His mother, with whom he had "a close relationship", until her death in 2017, even resolved to leave her "little grocery store" in Lencloître to watch over her offspring. “I was passed on beautiful values...” They served him in his life as a teenager and as an adult, strewn like everyone else with pitfalls. He who dreamed of being “Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger”, passed an A2 baccalaureate and “loved English”, forged himself in difficulty. “I've always been a bit of a black sheep. I had to fight. His big health problems - "I was not given six months of life" - changed his relationship to time. Definitively. “As a child, I had a panic fear of death. Today, I tell myself that the passage of time is a bonus. I live the present moment as if it were the last. »

Despite a sensitivity to personal development, Philippe Hardy Prioton readily admits to being “angry and vindictive”. He abhors injustice and bad faith. But his deep nature inclines more to temperance. “I love nothing more than sincerity and real human relationships. The Victorious Writing knows the meaning of words and their power. In its term, the “block” is thus a material that is both heavy and synonymous with (re)construction. Sure it will figure prominently in his autobiography.

Arnault Varanne - The 7

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