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The public writer helps you write your biography


Thinking of having your biography written? It's a wonderful idea. Diving into your own memories, even if sometimes they are painful, will help you move forward on your life path. Settle accounts, for example, with a difficult past... But not only.

How to make your project a reality?  Call on a biographer who will be able to deepen the memories hidden in your memory in order to extract the book of your life.


Why have your biography written?

"Why would I write the story of my life?", "Will my autobiography interest people?"...

These questions are legitimate.

There are a multitude of good reasons to have your memoirs written:

-   Because you have an atypical life course...
   Because you once had an exceptional encounter that changed your life...
   Because you have had a traumatic experience, and several years later, you finally want to free yourself from this weight that weighs so much on your shoulders...
   Because you do a job that you are passionate about and you want to share your experiences...
   Because your own biography as a parent or grandparent means leaving a trace for your children and grandchildren...
All lives, all life paths, are worth telling... Your experience may be a mirror for other people, and writing a biography is a very beautiful legacy to leave to your family.

 How do you write your memoirs?

Hire a professional biographer

First, you have to find the professional, biographer, writing consultant, to whom you will entrust your memories, anecdotes and all the most significant events of your career.
With several years of experience as a public writer, and faced with the growing demand from my clients for work such as this, I naturally turned to writing biographies.
To do this, I have set up a process in several stages in order to best meet your requests and expectations, and to reproduce your testimony as faithfully as possible.

The interview phase

To begin, you are simply going to tell me about your life, or the significant period of your life that you would like to put down on paper, in your own words, as one would do during a daily conversation.

Several two-hour interviews, by videoconference using the software of your choice, or by telephone, will allow me to immerse myself in your life and the highlights of your existence.

It takes (about) ten interviews to recount his memories and allow me to write your life story.  

One videoconference per week, every fortnight, every month... It's up to you. I adapt to your rhythm. We move forward together.

Our conversation is recorded and then transcribed in its entirety by me using voice recognition software.
During the first videoconference, I let you speak, we sort of mark out the terrain of your biography... Then gradually, I ask you questions, because a biographer must not be curious, but must be listening, in order to help bring back moments or protagonists erased by time.

A bit like a therapist, because when you decide to tell your life story and have your biography written, you often discover  that this approach has unsuspected therapeutic virtues.

This first phase will constitute the raw material of your biographical manuscript. 

Writing your story

At the end of these moments of exchange, often intense, will come for me the time of the transcription, the reorganization, and the pure writing of all that you will have delivered to me orally.

To make your biography, I write a first text, starting from your own words, then we will adjust, as we go along, the story together, in order to correct any errors and provide the necessary details to the passages of the book that would require it. .
As a general rule, a two-hour videoconference allows me to generate twenty written pages.

And we will proceed in the same way for the following pages...

Still have questions ?

So do not hesitate to contact me:  

Philippe Hardy Prioton, Biographer Public Writer:

06 23 25 74 66 /

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