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For the correction of your website, the public writer is on the web!


Your website is like a store window.


Your products and services must be highlighted in order to attract new customers.

The quality of the content of your web pages is therefore essential.
In my capacity as a public writer
  and web corrector, I propose to help you correct your site

Proofreading and correction of your web content

The content of your site must be clear, understandable, and give confidence to your prospects and customers.

Just one small misspelling can halve your sales or conversions, according to the BBC.

So, because the correction of a website is exhausting and tedious, but important for your turnover, I take care of it for you!

Here are all the corrections that I can make to your website: spelling, grammar, conjugation, typography,
punctuation, reworking of text, turns of phrase.

Semantic correction and SEO optimization

You know it better than anyone, the natural referencing of your website offers you enormous prospects for visibility, and nothing is worse for Google than spelling mistakes, badly turned text and content with poor and unworked semantics. .
Correcting your website and working on the semantic cocoon in silos of your major themes therefore improves your chances of positioning your pages in search engine results.

Also very time-consuming, I take care of the correction and semantic enrichment of your pages, which contributes to
SEO optimization of your content.

Correction and translation into English of your digital content

Holder of an English license, I correct your pages in English and can take care of the French-English translation of all your pages and vice versa!

Who is my website correction service for?

My website correction service is aimed at all professionals or individuals who own a website of any kind: e-commerce site, showcase site, blog, institutional wiki site, etc.

I can proofread, correct and optimize all types of pages: product sheets, blog posts, correction of media articles, pages
welcome, contact forms or subscription to a newsletter.

Rates and methodology for retouching your web pages  

You want to entrust me with the correction of your website and know my rates?

Consult my public writer prices page  then submit your request via my contact page.

The only thing you will have to do is submit the pages you would like me to process.
I will not intervene on your site itself, unless you agree to grant me access rights to your pages.
And of course, if you don't want to, in this case I can simply give you a little topo with a list including the words to be corrected, and you can do the correction yourself.

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