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Text correction & reformulation

Édition grammaticale


Text correction and rephrasing


It is always necessary to carry out text correction or even reformulation work in order to present a perfect personal, school or professional writing.

Spelling, grammar, conjugation, syntax, and turns of phrase must be proofread and corrected, but it is not always easy to find mistakes in your own texts and correct them yourself.

To help you with this task, trust a public writer .

Much more effective and relevant than an online proofreader, this one will be able to track down errors and inappropriate formulas in your texts, and will use all its editorial skills to rephrase your sentences.


Who is the text correction and reformulation service aimed at?

My text correction and reformulation service is aimed at individuals, students and professionals.


All types of written work can be submitted to me for correction:

  • Correction of the writing of your mails (link) and letters, various administrative procedures,

  • Correction of a biography  ,  

  • Your internship or professional reports, dissertations, theses, CV and writing a cover letter  ,  

  • Your novels, your screenplays, your speeches...


I do not intervene on your own research work but I will be vigilant on all aspects of your writing:  

  • the syntax,

  • the grammar,  

  • spelling,  

  • the punctuation,  

  • sentence length,  

  • the arrangement of paragraphs,  

  • chaptering...


So many elements to take into account so that the corrector of your thesis or the reader of your book is not distracted, or worse, embarrassed, by a bad construction or an awkward use of such or such word. A lexical giddiness is always counter-productive. You must therefore put all the assets on your side so that your finished product is as flawless as possible.


My proofreading-correction-rewording package


To help you better, I have set up a "Text correction" package which includes the time spent reading your production and the correction/rewording/rewriting per page, regardless of the number of changes made (for consult my text correction package in detail, consult the page of my  prices  .


To make the process easier for you, and for quick support, you even have the possibility, if you wish, to send me your pages directly via a "Send your text" tab, and for the direct payment of the service, you will find a Paypal link.


The importance of correcting and rephrasing your writings  

We all know at times, moments of fatigue, of doubt when we tackle a writing project... Writing a book, a dissertation, a thesis is a long-term job. Everyone can write, but not everyone knows how to write "well".

There are rules to follow, and the main thing is not limited to spelling, but to a whole set of semantic requirements that many are far from mastering. It is in these moments that the public writer intervenes to help you with the correction of your text, and if necessary the reformulation of your manuscript.

When we are "nose to the grindstone", we end up getting tired, we are less vigilant, we make a few mistakes and despite one or more proofreadings we do not see them.


It is for this reason that an outside and neutral eye in the undertaking of a long writing project is always beneficial.

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