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Réunion de travail en plein air

With the writing workshop, free your creative mood


 Do you want to write and develop your literary potential or your written communication? I offer writing workshops to free and exercise your creativity around writing!


What is a writing workshop?

In these writing workshops, which I organize regularly in my town of Neuville de Poitou, but also in my region of New Aquitaine, from Poitiers to Bordeaux (and why not elsewhere, who knows, if the request is made to me ), I invite you in a playful and benevolent way (as always), to join me for a writing session around a predefined theme.

The themes and writing instructions are diverse: write an acrostic, a septain, write a poem to someone, to oneself, to a feeling, an emotion, to describe a city, a landscape, to write a text without a verb, to write a text not including the vowel a, writing epigrams in rhyme, mastering the art of narration, fiction, writing an essay or a short tale or telling your story, a short story, text correction , literary criticism, writing a dialogue...

  The creative possibilities are endless!


Who are the literary workshops for?

These writing courses are intended for all age groups, all social categories, and whatever the school level.

Everyone, without exception, has their place.

My creative writing classes are aimed both at those who want to learn to master writing and at those more experienced who would like to become a writer.  biographer  and improve their writing technique, or lovers of poetry.


What is a writing workshop like?

These "literary meetings" can take place at the same time in private homes, in a media library, a library, in a college, an EHPAD, a company...

At your discretion, and at your service to bring the writing to the place of your choice.

For people who do not wish, or do not have the possibility to travel, I regularly offer distance sessions on Zoom, during which ten people, previously registered by me, can meet, exchange ideas and share these moments in a friendly atmosphere.

As in any writing group, I will participate at the same time as you, and I will also put on my moderator's cap by guiding you, I will advise you, and if some people wish, it will be possible to share the written words together. by each. 

With kindness and without any judgement.

Each session takes place over two hours and allows you to perform two to three exercises.  We start from a blank page and at the beginning the facilitator sets out a writing instruction (but if you wish to address more specific themes around the profession of public writer , a time for discussion is also provided for this purpose).


Why participate in a writing group?

It will not be a question during these meetings of writing your entire biography  or life story, but rather to release your creative fiber.

Uncovering your little touch of madness, your hidden part, your secret garden is not an easy exercise. But it is healthy, no doubt.

Children will see a playful aspect, and will be able to learn vocabulary, review grammar and spelling rules while leaving the purely school framework.

For the elderly, an initiative such as the creative writing workshop provides assistance with motor skills, moreover it promotes and helps to maintain memory, it helps to preserve their ability to use their imagination, and in the long term , bring memories to the surface that we thought were buried.

Do you have a writing project or want to sharpen your pen? Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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