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Transcribe an audio file into text: l'Ecrit Vainc becomes your private secretary!

Ordinateur portable et écouteurs


Transcribing an audio file into text: when Writing Wins becomes your private secretary!


Transcribing an audio file into text is a valuable aid for recording a lecture, writing down the content of a meeting, an interview and in many other situations.

  This service offered by your public writer  is aimed at both students and professionals who regularly attend brainstorming sessions, "conf-calls" or meetings...


Transcribe an audio file into text: 2 options


The goal of transcribing an audio file into text is to save you as much time as possible and to optimize every moment of your schedule, whatever your situation.


Equipped with professional equipment and powerful software, I offer several alternatives.


The verbatim transcript


When you entrust me with the task of transcribing your audio or video files, I carry out the complete transcription, word for word, of all the information, without any correction or editing, what is called a verbatim transcription. .


  Ideally, the sound must be perfectly audible, without too much parasitic background noise (because I do not have the necessary equipment to eliminate it) in order to avoid any transcription error and that there is no ambiguity. about spoken words. ​ 

Perhaps I will ask you to send me a few seconds of the file in question in order to tell you if what is recorded is usable, or not.


Improved transcription of your recordings


  For a "turnkey" solution, I can carry out an "improved" audio transcription, i.e. corrected, reworked, if necessary more literary, with reformulation of sentences and reformulation if necessary.  


I listen to do this every second of the file and I will make disappear, on the writing that I will send you, the repetitions, onomatopoeias, hesitations and "stutterings" (which are omnipresent in the oral.)


Converting your notes (drafts) to Word

I also offer you the transcription in a WORD file of your drafts, your notebooks, notes in pen that you would not have had time to transcribe yourself "properly" on your computer.


In a way, you will have the privilege of having your private secretary, remotely.


All you have to do is scan everything, or if you have the possibility, take a picture of the sheets in question (here again, the photographic reproduction must be of good quality and it goes without saying, if it is handwritten notes, that the writing is sufficiently legible) and I rewrite, "clean" your notes.


You can also, for simple and quick support (if there is an emergency, for example) transfer your file to be converted, whatever its format, directly via my site, through the "Send your file" button. And payment can be made directly by Paypal, by check or by means of a RIB.

For any request for information or if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me via my contact page, I will be happy to answer you!

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