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Philippe Hardy Prioton, public writer: words in the skin

(Item  press release published in "La Nouvelle République", Thursday, December 31, 2020)

He is a man of feathers… who wears it on his hat.

Philippe Hardy Prioton already stood out before standing out for his taste for belles-lettres and correct grammar.

The man in the black hat and the long goatee cultivates his look, sorry, his dress, as much as he takes care of his writing.

Living in Neuville de Poitou for two years now, he remains a man of letters, transforming a taste into an activity. After years on the phone in a call center in Chasseneuil, he returned to his first love, here he is as a public writer.

“I launched my activity in February 2020, just before confinement”, confides the forties who attributes this literary passion to his teacher father.

Love word prompter

“After twelve years spent in a call center near Poitiers, I left this job, I thought about my life and I had a positioning assessment. I was offered two new career paths, one artistic and the other was public writer. It clicked, I inquired and I started as a self-employed entrepreneur. Independent, I like it! »

In the living room of his house, an office corner serves as a writing workshop. A large notebook, a large microphone and a computer are enough to water the social networks to arouse curiosity, envy, and trigger the meeting.

“It started very quickly”, welcomes the polygraph forty-something who multiplies the variations of his project with a barrier, however.

no legal


“I don't do anything legal, administrative or social. I don't feel comfortable. I had a client who wanted me to put together a file for him to obtain his regularization. He didn't understand that I didn't want to do that. »

His first writing will have served to put words to evils. An exercise in resilience and transmission of a mother touched by what often remains unspeakable. Her children were victims of the inappropriate behavior of the new companion of the childminder who watched over them.
“She said to me: 'I want to transmit so that people don't feel alone.' »

His second life story will have transported him always in the intimate with a romantic story: writing the biography of a settled man, a Marseille surgeon who tells how a woman bewitched him from a distance after their breakup.

“People tell me on the phone or in video, I take notes and I write, or they come up with something that is already written and that I reformulate”, explains the public writer.

Recordings and transcriptions

Alongside these stories that make him discover the accidents and wonderful moments of a life, he accumulates other work: correction of websites, editing of prospectuses, transcription of recorded lectures, writing of CVs or cover letters .



And then, there is necessarily the chilled lover who believes in the magic of the love letter. He wants his Cyrano to whisper the proper words to inflame his Roxanne.
“He told me he wanted a love letter so that she would fall in love with him! »

Philippe Hardy Prioton:



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