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The public writer, an chief!

Écrire au bord de l'eau


I take care of the writing of all your personal texts:

Translating a feeling into writing is not an easy thing.

Also, I will write for you these speeches or these letters for these very special and often emotionally charged occasions: a funeral oration, or any other speech of your choice written for a particular occasion: a wedding, a retirement, a birthday, Father's Day / Mother's Day / Grandfathers / Grandmothers, for Christmas, for your loved one (on Valentine's Day for example...)

I will write the text, with your close collaboration, depending on the occasion. We will be able to discuss together, beforehand, in order to delimit the framework of the writing, and to give me some leads concerning the character, and if you wish, some episodes in the life of the person for whom this text is intended.

Thus it will be truly personalized and it will correspond exactly to the recipient.

Each written work of this type is subject to a fixed price of 50€ for one page in A4 format.

And of course, I will also be your privileged interlocutor for the letters you wish to entrust me with writing... The range is once again very wide... Mail for administrative procedures (guardianship, divorce...), mail to make a specific request to an organization (CAF, your Office HLM, your landlord, the Pôle-Emploi, your mayor...)

An interview will also be essential so that you can clearly explain to me the situation and the framework of this request.

(An A4 page, in 21*29.7 format is equivalent to 2500 characters, spaces included)

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